Crystal Bowl of Light

Zeal Point Aura Gold Morph Bowl 10" F#-35™

Zeal Point Aura Gold Morph Bowl 10" F#-35™

Zeal Point Aura Gold Morph Bowl 10" F#-35™

Note: F#(-35) - Thymus Gland
Size: 10" (25.4cm)

Energetic Signatures:

Zeal Point - Named after the Zeal Point Chakra, located at the base of the head where the skull and neck meet. Also known as the "Mouth of God" "Well of Dreams," "Jade Pillow," or "Ascension Chakra." Tap into your self conscious and balance your mind and heart while you expand into your higher self. 

This bowl is a MORPH Bowl.
What does morph actually mean? It is not about fixing a broken, defect, Alchemy Crystal Singing bowl.

It is a part of our healing process, a philosophy. The path of healing, morph alchemies carry the frequency of healing of perfection through imperfection.

The essence of morph alchemy is about accepting the good and bad among our lives.  Everyone of us would have the chance going through up and down moment in our lives, it's how we face our challenges or imperfects situation and how we can transform broken alchemy singing bowl into even more powerful and beautiful healing journey.

If such astounding healing and beauty can emerge from the shards of a shattered alchemy bowl, could a similar transformation also be possible with the parts of us we believe are shattered beyond repair?

The Gifts of Imperfection

It is in the process of embracing our imperfections that we find our truest gifts.

From Brene Brown

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