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Crystal Bowl of Light

The Pink Full Moon Sound Bath

The Pink Full Moon Sound Bath

The Pink Full Moon Sound Bath 
The Pink Moon symbolizes the beginning of spring, it holds great spiritual significance in some cultures. It represents rebirth, growth, and renewal, marking the beginning of spring. Let´s use this transformative energies to upgrade our vibration with Candace on Crystal Tones™ Singing Bowls and Gong with @rathahealing.

Reset. Manifest. Create
Wednesday  24.4.2024
 Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm 
Ticket Fee: Baht 2,800

Who is this for?
If life's changes have left you feeling adrift, self doubt and obstacles cloud your path, this is your calling. 
Experience this 60 mins Crystal Tones™ Singing Bowls and Gong Sound Bath. A reset and serene vibrations sound bath will cleanse and renew you, Candace will specially select those notes matching with Ter grounding Gong. This immerse workshop is designed to empower your journey into the new year, guiding you towards clarity, inner strength and purpose. 
No prior experience is needed. Just wear comfortable clothing. 
Limited Space only!
Client with late entry will not able to refund nor enter to the performance location. 
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