Crystal Bowl of Light

Sedona Red Rock, White Light Angel Gold Bowl , 8" C-5

Sedona Red Rock, White Light Angel Gold Bowl , 8" C-5

Platinum Bowl
Note: C (-5) - Root Chakra 
Size: 8" (20.32cm)

Energetic Signatures:

Sedona Red Rock - A triad vortex sandstone blend from Sedona Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock and Airport, Rock mountains, created through intentional living design to initiate accelerated consciousness with frequencies that resonate in honours and recognition of the Native American harmonic. Representing Earth, to remind us that we are Earth. Ground, Build, Produce, Give.

White Light Aura Gold - It presents the perspective of everything being connected through energy. This alchemy opens the possibility to access the Akashic records that are a compendium of all knowledge and emotion which has been experienced by energy conscious entities since the beginning of our existence.

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