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Crystal Bowl of Light

Bangkok Sound Practitioner Training Level 1

Bangkok Sound Practitioner Training Level 1

The joy of learning how to play and more about Crystal Tones™ alchemy singing bowls and why they have the healing benefits. 

Establishing a grounded structure for a dynamic and rich exploration of sound healing using Crystal Tones™ alchemy singing bowls. All courses offer a small group of students and create a personalised and experiential training for each student. 

We are accredited by the Complimentary Medical Association, UK. If you would like to get International Certified from CMA (Complementary Medical Association, UK, you would be required to take two parts of the training Part 1 and Part 2 of the training session. 

Course Outline Total 7 hours

Date: 27 April 2024 9am - 5:30pm (Lunch break 1:00pm - 2:30pm) 

Part 1 : Theory & technical training 

Morning Session : 4 hours practice 

Background Foundation Studies (3 hours) 

- Introduction Sound healing Background 

- Basic music theory concept with different tones 

- Different types of tones for different chakras points

- In depth understanding and balancing the Chakras System

- Introduction to Binaural beats 

Practice & Play & Performance (1 hour)

- How to use Alchemy Singing bowls as Sound Healing tools for yourself and others 

- How to play the crystal singing bowls and exploring different bowl technique or other instruments

- Learning different crystals have the different healing effect  

- Practice and embody leading sound baths, ceremonies, group 

- Develop individual gifts, interests and talents using creative sound healing exercises. 


Part 2: Practicum Training  

Afternoon session: Scenario training 3 hours practice  

We will utilize real cases how you would provide healing sessions to your clients. 

Location: The Sukhothai Hotel

13/3 S Sathon Rd, Khwaeng Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

*Limited Space only*

Note: We would suggest wearing something comfortable as we will be sitting on yoga mats and meditation cushions. Each 90 mins we will have a 15 mins break. 

Lunch will be 1.5 hours and is not included in the package, Sukhothai hotel will offer a special rate for meals.  

For Online courses, please kindly mark your preferred schedule as below
Personalised & experiential training includes 4 hours online training, with 3 hours Crystal Tones™ Singing Bowls practice. We would highly recommend online student to get your Crystal Tones™ Singing Bowls before training begins. Other time availability, please send your request to

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