Sound journeys, sound baths, sound ceremonies, or sound meditations, are really rituals and practices just like yoga or dance where we devote the time to ourselves to tune in, with the help of sounds that resonate to the higher vibrations of our true selves.

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What are the benefits?

-deep relaxation
-relief of stress
-better focus
-improve sleep
-better intuitive connection

Who is it suitable for?

-high stressed person in need of deep relaxation
-busy person who have no time for regular meditation practice

What to bring/what to wear?

-wear comfortable clothing that allows movement as we do some full body relaxation to start
-yoga mats are provided
-bring a towel/light blanket should you get cold during the meditation
-have a bottle of water as we always recommend drinking plenty of water after the session

  • Thursday Recharge Sound Bath

    Every Thursday 12:30pm
    @PMQ S512
    Duration: 60 mins

    Special curated Crystal Tones Singing Bowls soundbath would take you to speedy release stress and insomnia......

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  • Private Group Sound Journey

    Duration: 30-90 mins
    Soulmates time together?
    Experience Crystal Tones Singing bowls....

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  • Corporate Inner Zone

    Mood Over Matter

    How emotional intelligence can improve firm's competency, whether it is for Corporate Executives or stressed out co-worker. With customized sound bath can raise the awareness for bonding, motivation, social skill, etc.......

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  • Kids Meditation Experience
    Duration: 30-45 mins
    Your little ones love practicing
    their listening ears with the
    soothing sounds of the bowls

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