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Crystal Bowl of Light

Pendulum & Sound Frequency Workshop: Capricorn Full Moon

Pendulum & Sound Frequency Workshop: Capricorn Full Moon

Pendulum & Sound Frequency Workshop : Capricorn Full Moon

This Capricorn Full Moon is calling for us to release and let go of things that are blocking us from realising our true potential. Think about what fears or self-limiting beliefs are holding you back and see if you can release them to the Moon. Stay tuned with us on this magical Moon!

Pendulum has a long history of our ancient ancestors Chinese used them to deter evil spirits. This tool is very easy to use and carry around to give us indication where we begin our new path for our next coming six months. 

In this workshop, you will learn more about the intuition and taping into the unknown.

We are partnering with ART OF GEM and specially selected this precious clear Indian Himalayan Crystals. ART OF GEM is the first time crafted this pendulum. Now is available to pre order at HK$380. 

Workshop Details

Date: 20 July 2024 (Full Moon)

Time: 2pm till 4pm (included a 30min sound bath session)

Beginner's Guide to Pendulum & Intuition Practice

  • Background of Pendulum
  • How to cleanse and connect with Pendulum
  • How to ask a proper question 
  • Introduce 5 different practical scenario 
  • Ignite your intuition & frequency for clarity and guidance

*Limited Space only*

For the Crystal Pendulum purchase HK$380 each 

There are some options for pick up 

  1. At Crystal Bowl Of Light Studio on the date of the workshop
  2. SF Express (around HK$30 DOC)
Crystal Bowl Of Light Studio Address:
Shop S512, Block A, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong
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